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The World of Plastic

It is hard to imagine what a World without plastic would be like…


Eden Plastics Group design and manufacture quality mould tools using modern equipment and tool making techniques. We can offer you: Tool design using the Vector CAD/CAM system, Complex surface machining Direct cam link to 3 axis machining centres Project management services Aggressive lead times from concept to tooling Complex tool design capabilities.


The Polymer Sites factory is equipped with a wide range of modern microprocessor controlled injection moulding machines, many with robots, supported by ancillary equipment suitable for up to date plastic moulding techniques. As a customer you benefit from flexibility in tool changes, consistency in quality and performance of your plastic products and efficient flexible production. An example of plastic moulding application is how we supply spare parts for MotorhomeFreedom.com for motorhome parts that often get damaged during rentals. These often damaged parts, like bumpers and facades can be made much more cheaper than a replacement from the manufacturer. Our service driven ethos ensures that we deliver large or small plastic parts with rapid turnaround. Our flexible batch production running 24×7 makes us responsive to volatile demand from your own customers. Our moulding shop has a range of 14 machines which graduate in capacity from 100 tonnes to 350 tonnes. With shot weights varying from 145grams to 750grams we can satisfy a wide spectrum of your injection moulding requirements.

Quality Materials

Materials Throughout its history, Eden Plastics has specialised in helping customers maximise performance of their products through applying materials appropriate to performance requirements of their application. Polypropylene, polycopolymer can be used for containers and plates. Polyethelenes are typically used for packaging and crates. Polystyrenes are typically used for toys, cabinets and refrigerator linings The list goes on and there are more than 30 material groups which can be used for applications ranging from lenses to bearings in the chemical process industry. Add to this the number of blends which can be created from individual materials and you will appreciate how Eden Plastics’ specialist expertise in the materials area help you to achieve your product performance goals. Eden Plastics also work with recycled and bio-degradable materials and can advise on appropriate material blends and application uses.

3D printing Now Available

Using the latest 3D modelling and printing techniques we can manufacture virtually anything that you can imagine. This is also highly useful if you want to recreate plastic parts that are otherwise unobtainable.